Mobius Settings

After a while tweaking the settings on the Mobius I was finally able to dial in some settings that I was  happy with, and brought out the best in this little camera for me. So I thought I would share them with anyone who may be interested. These Mobius Camera settings are for the wide angle lens version with sunny lighting conditions. I also recommend opening up the case and packing out the empty spaces inside the camera with chopped up mouse pad to stop the battery moving around inside the casing and rupturing on the usb connector where it mounts to the pcb. This can occur fairly easy after frequently crashing  mini copters.

For all other Mobius Camera information incluging manual, configuration software and firmware, please check the manufacturers website here (MOBIUS ACTIONCAM)

Mobius Settings

Basic Mobius Settings

Global Recording Mobius Settings

Video Mode Mobius Settings

Advanced Image Mobius Settings

Mobius Wide Angle Lens With Battery Foam Packing

Here’s Some video with the above Mobius Settings. Please watch in 1080.