So if your like most of us who are already flying FPV. You probably found some people flying on youtube and have watched all of their videos, or know someone already flying who inspired you enough to take the plunge and look at buying some gear and getting started yourself. If this sounds like you, you might be asking yourself where do I start? Well Here’s a few sources of great information and stores to get you started.

Online Communities

Open Pilot Forums Flite Test FPV LAB Forums RC Groups DIY Drones Multirotor Forums

FPV QLD Forums The Mini Quad Club FPV RC Miniquad FPV Mini Multirotor Forums Droned Up

Online Stores

Coptergeist Store Next FPV WarpQuad Multiwiicopter Lumenier ReadymadeRc

Open Pilot Store BMS Design Engineering RC Explorer Ecks Frame FPV Reconn Multirotor Superstore

Team Blacksheep Multirotor Gear Aerobot Mongrel Gear Armattan Quadcopters Buzz Hobbies

SimTech FPV Glitch 240 Pats Mini H Quad HobbyKing Thrust UAV Blackout Mini H Quad

Madaxe FPV Pilots

Juz70 Vegetoast1 Boris B Hadriez Trinco MidwestRob


More to come soon